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How to Join:

Complete EASPA Membership Application


Annual Dues:

$80.00 per year, $3.33 per pay period for 24 pay periods


Dues and contributions to EASPA are not eligible for deduction for Federal Income Tax purposes.

EASPA Bylaws and Constitution - amended 2018


Why Belong to the Educational Administrator & Support Personnel Association?

2022-2023 EASPA Goals

  • To establish and maintain open, consistent, and timely communication with district leadership.

  • To ensure senior leadership always communicates with department support staff with transparency.

EASPA is focused on advocating and collaborating with department support staff.

  • EASPA is not a bargaining union. Board of Directors represent department support staff.

  • The Board of Directors of EASPA meets monthly with the Superintendent to “Meet and Confer” on issues that support or impede the work department support staff.

  • The EASPA has been invited to attend District Compensation Committee to address concerns related to compensation and the creation of Longevity payment process.

  • EASPA secures department support staff appointments to various District Committees and Task Forces.

  • The EASPA Compensation Committee partnered with the Albuquerque Principals Association (APSPA) to develop the Sick Leave Bank for members.

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