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EASPA represents its membership and advocates on the members' behalf with APS senior leadership, through open communication and collaboration.





The vision of the Educational Administrators & Support Personnel Association is the efficient and effective support of education for the children of Albuquerque and the surrounding area.


What is EASPA...

Is the voice to senior APS leadership via monthly "Meet and Confer" meetings to inform and collaborate on critical needs and employee issues.

Supports Professional Development through scholarships for EASPA members.

Honors David Libertore with a Memorial Scholarship to an eligible graduating senior at Albuquerque High School who plans to attend a New Mexico Institution of Higher Education after Graduation.

Promotes professionalism and leadership among Professional Support and Administrative staff.

Encompasses and represents a substantial forum, network, and support for its membership.

Member List Service:


How EASPA Began...

David Libertore, a former Director of Library Media Technical Services founded EASPA in 1992. EASPA to became a not-for-profit 501 (c)(5) organization in August 1995. Inequities surrounding annual leave and pay issues prompted the formation of EASPA.

In May of 1999, the APS Board of Education supported the "Meet and Confer" process through APS District Policy and Procedural Directive.

In early 2007, EASPA instituted a sick leave bank as a joint resource with EASPA. Efforts to strengthen and expand the sick leave bank continue today.


Who We Represent

EASPA represents all APS employees not included under a collective bargaining agreement within the APS Administrative Salary Schedule

Job titles currently represented:

Managers, Supervisors, Technicians, Accountants, Analysts, Programmers, User Support, Coordinators, Non-Executive Directors, Admin Assistants, Facilitators, Liaisons, Specialists, Designers, Instructional Managers, Network Admins, Psychometricians, Buyers, Statisticians...

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